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How to Deal with Information Overload


Simon Frantz and I recently wrote an article focusing on information overload for ASN Kidney News, a newsmagazine that examines research findings and policy changes for practitioners in kidney health and disease. It just came out in this month’s edition of the magazine.Continue Reading

Getting Down to Business

Walter Jessen's business card

I finally had time tonight to get new business cards that cover all the different things I do: computational biologist, knowledge curator, new media journalist and developer.Continue Reading

How Do You Manage Digital Information?

Information datastream

Information overload is a term popularized by the sociologist Alvin Toffler in his bestselling 1970 book Future Shock, which examines the effects of rapid industrial and technological changes upon the individual, the family and society. Information overload refers to the difficulty a person can have understanding an issue and making decisions that can be causedContinue Reading