The Intersection of Medicine 2.0 and Science 2.0

This weekend, I put together some slides for the ScienceOnline2010 session Medicine 2.0 and Science 2.0 — where do they intersect? As I wrote previously, I don’t want the discussion to focus on the tools as much as the themes emerging from Web 2.0 in science: social networking, participation, apomediation, collaboration and openness. The slides below will provide an introduction to the topic and starting point from which to generate discussion (remember, ScienceOnline2010 sessions are held in unconference format, meaning that each will be highly participatory).

An excellent introduction to the topic is Gunther Eysenbach’s JMIR editorial “Medicine 2.0: Social Networking, Collaboration, Participation, Apomediation, and Openness“. A PDF of the article is available for conference participants on the ScienceOnline2010 wiki session page.

Walter Jessen is a digital strategist, writer, web developer and data scientist. You can typically find him behind the screen something with an internet connection.