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Walter Jessen

Walter Jessen

Digital Communications, Web Development, Data Analytics

Indianapolis, Indiana | Online Media


  • Consultant, Digital Communications
  • Publisher and Developer
  • Data Scientist


  • Ph.D., Texas A&M University
  • B.S., Purdue University Calumet


Accomplished digital strategist and data scientist with seven years of web development, online publishing and brand development experience. Very active in the areas of knowledge management and content marketing, both within and external to an organization.

Focusing primarily on the health and life sciences, Walter Jessen Discovery New Media is a communications, data marketing, media and technology group that focuses on the latest developments in data analytics, social media, content strategy, responsive design, advertising & marketing, and media relations to inform and drive organization messaging, content, and go-to-market activities.


digital strategydata miningdata analyticsstatisticsmarketing, brand development, social media, web development


Consultant, Digital Strategy

Walter Jessen Digital Strategy,

Privately Held; Online Media industry
September 2012 – Present

Works with teams inside organizations to solve complex business and marketing problems. Advises clients on key tactics, best practices, digital marketing approaches, and channel measurement plans. Provides data analytics services to help businesses segment and target their customers, measure performance, create efficiencies, and predict and plan based on actionable information. Develops low-cost, customized business intelligence (BI) systems to help organizations with information overload.

Publisher and Developer

Walter Jessen Discovery New Media,

Privately Held; Online Media industry
January 2006 – Present

A new media lab, incubator and online publisher focusing on the health and life sciences. Manages a variety of new media projects, evaluates new ways to engage audiences and to communicate and collaborate utilizing multimedia tools and internet technologies. Combines journalism, media and social media tools for telling stories and curating content. Highlight HEALTH and Biomarker Commons are two brands that have been successfully incubated (detailed below):

Publisher and Knowledge Curator

Biomarker Commons,

Privately Held; Biotechnology industry/Online Media industry
June 2010 – Present

Leverages existing content and identifies new, relevant sources of digital information related to biomarkers, with a particular focus on the commercial biomarker and personalized medicine sectors. Responsible for curating biomarker and personalized medicine digital assets; ensuring the accuracy and quality of the data used; organizing the content to facilitate the rapid location and use of relevant digital assets; and management of file taxonomies to ensure consistency and searchability.

Publisher and Editor

Highlight HEALTH,

Privately Held; Online Media industry
December 2006 – Present

Highlight HEALTH is a new media news organization that promotes advances in biomedical research and new ideas in health and medicine. Responsible for all operations. Manages a small staff of writers who produce focused content 1-3 times a week. In addition, focuses on brand development, marketing, website design and advertiser engagement.

Data Scientist, Informatics


Public Company; CVD; Pharmaceuticals industry
August 2012 – Present

Primary responsibility to liaise Informatics with Covance Discovery and Translational Services and drive new collaborations. Researches existing methods and develops new approaches for the statistical and computational analysis and modeling of drug development data. Leverages feature selection procedures to distill large datasets and identify relevant pieces of information. Collaborates with key business groups to develop and execute processes to collect, perform data quality assurance, and to structure data. Responsible for the visualization of data for clinical metrics, operational analysis, clinical and financial forecasting. Executes recurring data mining and process activities that provide for key analytical capabilities.

  • Focuses on data organization, cleaning, harmonization, synchronization and normalization
  • Develops innovative business solutions by applying high-end analytics
  • Provides recommendations for business forecasting decision making process
  • Supports the development of various data visualization needs
  • Translates data mining activities into actionable business information
  • Networks with others in the organization to ensure relevant input to project strategies
  • Keeps current with industry advances in analytics, forecasting and data mining

Data Scientist, Computational Biologist

Covance: Discovery and Translational Services, Biomarker Center of Excellence

Public Company; CVD; Pharmaceuticals industry
April 2010 – August 2012

Designs, implements and applies cutting edge computational methods to analyze and integrate data from a wide variety of sources including clinical data, literature and high-throughput genomic or proteomic platforms. Works closely with scientists, clinicians, statisticians, and software engineers to support the discovery and application of biomarkers in the clinical setting.

  • Routinely interacts with colleagues to mine, analyze and interpret complex biological data
  • Develops computational infrastructure to support Biomarker Center of Excellence
  • Develops computational tools and interfaces to support biomarker data mining
  • Performs data analysis on complex scientific problems
  • Develops computational methods and algorithms for the analysis of complex biological data

Works closely with therapeutic area experts and marketing to define and implement a digital science marketing strategy for the Biomarker Center of Excellence. Routinely oversees and coordinates the creation, organization, production and dissemination of scientist-generated media. In addition, maintains a portfolio of projects for external communication of science-related activities.

Research Associate, Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology

Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center

Non-Profit; Hospital & Health Care industry
January 2008 – April 2010

Responsible for developing data resources that will allow the use of a variety of statistical and biological analysis approaches to evaluate microarray data, as well as additional data related to variations in disease severity, histological patterns and proteomic data being collected from both mouse animal models of neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), individual human neurofibromas and malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors. Collaborates with other Principal Investigators of the Neurofibromatosis Microarray and Systems Biology Consortium ( to develop bioinformatics analyses to understand the molecular mechanisms by which tumors form and progress with the ultimate goal of developing treatment strategies.

Research Fellow, Biomedical Informatics

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Non-Profit; Hospital & Health Care industry
September 2004 – December 2007

Utilized transcriptional regulatory and gene interaction networks, cancer biology and embryonic and postnatal development in human and mouse models to inform and characterize biological states, disease processes and developmental disorders. Used functional and comparative genomics approaches, as well as the incorporation of histologic patterns and clinical information, to develop an integrative biology approach that could be applied to a range of genetic diseases.

  • Recipient, National Institutes of Health Pediatric Research Loan Repayment Program (2005–2007).
  • NIH National Research Service Award Postdoctoral Fellowship, Institute of Molecular Pharmacology and Biophysics, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine (2004 – 2007).


  • Data Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Aggregation, Text Mining
  • Web Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Functional Requirements
  • CMS: WordPress, Drupal
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Gene Expression Profiling
  • Pathway Analysis

Recent Publications

How to Deal with Information Overload

Suffering from information overload is a frustrating and all-too-common condition today. If it isn’t hard enough to clear your overflowing email inbox, there’s the stress of staying on top of the blossoming number of journals and medical blogs in your field, papers uncovered through regular PubMed or Medline searches, not to mention the pressure of keeping up-to-date with the latest must-use social media tools. And yet, a small number of people seem to stay afloat while the vast majority of us are drowning in information. What’s their secret?

Medicine 2.0 and Participatory Medicine

A transformation is occurring in science, specifically in the domains of health and medicine. Second-generation Web technologies that facilitate interaction between users are changing the way healthcare professionals communicate with each other, as well as with patients, health consumers and biomedical researchers. Indeed, “Web 2.0″ applications, including social networks (Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed), video and photo sharing sites (YouTube, Flickr), social bookmarking and folksonomies (Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon), blogs and wikis, are changing the way people communicate, collaborate and find information that is both interesting and relevant. These technologies are bringing people together in an interactive space and enabling them to create and distribute content online in a manner that has never been possible before.

Additional research publications


Texas A&M University

Ph.D., Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, 1998 – 2004

Developed a kinetic approach for analysis of chromatin remodeling in vivo, demonstrating that nucleosomes proximal to the transactivator binding site are remodeled earlier than those more distal. Developed an in vivo single molecule assay that identifies multiple promoter classes and supports a probabilistic model in which chromatin remodeling at PHO5 spreads from sites of transactivator binding and attenuates with distance. Bioengineered inducible DNA methyltransferase systems for the in vivo detection of chromatin structural changes, targeted methylation and factor footprints.

  • Directed research projects for several rotating graduate students (1998–2004)
  • Responsible for the primary training of a number of undergraduate students (1998–2004)
  • Teaching Assistant, Texas A&M University, Experimental Biochemistry Lab (2003)
  • Teaching Assistant, Texas A&M University, Biochemistry Laboratory I and II (1998–1999)

Purdue University Calumet

B.S., Physics, 1992 – 1998

Research project involved the design, construction and use of a nitrogen laser for the study of dielectric breakdown and spark generation. Presented “Dielectric Breakdown and Spark Generation” at the Eighth Annual Argonne Undergraduate Research Symposium, Argonne National Lab (1997).

  • Teaching Assistant, Purdue University Calumet, Introductory Physics (1998)
  • Physics and Math Tutor, Purdue University Calumet (1998)
  • Employed full-time while attending classes and maintaining a GPA of 3.4 (19921998)

Activities and Societies: Society of Physics Students (President, 1998), “Best and Brightest” award (Department of Chemistry and Physics, 1998), Nominated to Sigma Xi (1998)