Scientific Meetings on Computational and Systems Biology, Biomarkers in 2011

Earlier this year, I wrote about science conferences that I wanted to attend in 2010. Unfortunately, my plans changed and I left academia for a job in industry. Now, my focus is broader than just neurobiology and cancer, and I need to consider meetings that concentrate on biomarkers, computational biology, bioinformatics, systems biology and/or genomics/proteomics. Thus, it’s time to compile a new list of scientific meetings.

Even though it’s only September, 2011 will be here before we know it. Since abstracts are usually due several months before a conference, I need to decide which ones I’m going to attend so that I can submit an abstract and prepare a poster on my research. Indeed, one of my reasons for attending a science meeting is to meet people and share with them what I’m working on. From a business perspective, my attendance also helps to market the services offered at Covance’s Biomarker Center of Excellence (COE) as I’m the Biomarker COE’s Computational Biologist.

As I discussed in my January post, my conference goals are to (i) stay abreast of what’s hot in the field, (ii) network and make contacts, (iii) learn about new approaches for data analysis and integration and/or (iv) learn about new findings and approaches in biomarkers.

If you’re reading this and have an opinion — either positive or negative — on any of the conferences I’ve listed below, please let me know. I’m only planning on attending three or four conferences next year, so your feedback would be appreciated. Also, if I’ve missed a conference that you think is valuable and is focused on computational biology and/or bioinformatics (know what the difference is?), systems biology or genomics/proteomics, please let me know.

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Computational Biology/Bioinformatics


Systems Biology

Other meetings


In this list, I’ve tried to cover both the major meetings as well as small, focused conferences.
If I’ve missed anything, please let me know!

Conference Resources

  1. GTCbio
  2. Wellcome Trust: Scientific Conferences
  3. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: 2011 Meetings and Conferences
  4. Cambridge Healthtech Institute: Conferences

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