Biomarkers, Personalized Medicine Meetings in 2011

I’ve found it useful the last couple of years to write about conferences and meetings I’m interested in attending. This time around, as I reflected on my focus and interests over the last year, I realized that I needed to add a conference or two on personalized medicine to the list.

In 2010, my interest was on meetings focused on neurobiology and cancer. When I made the transition from academic to industry, I shifted my attention to conferences covering computational biology and biomarkers. For 2011, I’m adding to the list personalized medicine, since biomarkers play a critical role in individual-based diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and nutrition.

Science conferences to attend in 2011

Science conferences to attend in early 2012

If you’re interested in Biomarker and/or Personalized Medicine Conferences, I’ve compiled a list of meetings at, my ongoing project to curate the latest news and developments on biomarkers.

If you have an opinion — either positive or negative — on any of the conferences I’ve listed, please let me know; any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If I’ve missed a conference you’ve found useful and is focused on computational biology, biomarkers or personalized medicine, please let me know. You can leave a comment below or contact me directly, either by the contact form, email or DM on Twitter or Friendfeed.

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