Walter Jessen Discovery New Media is a digital media startup incubator and communications consulting company.

I provide resources and expertise to develop and incubate new media ideas, and offer communications consulting to help build online community engagement.

As an accomplished publisher, I have over six years experience developing content marketing strategies and communicating information in an understandable and appropriate format to a target audience.

Using leading content management solutions, including WordPress and Drupal, I can help you determine those technologies that best fit your current personal or business requirements, and support the implementation of those technologies to help market your message and reach the right people.

Selected Projects

Highlight HEALTH Highlight HEALTH and Highlight HEALTH 2.0 promote advances in biomedical research and new ideas impacting health and medicine. Each website receives tens of thousands of visitors every month and supports a small team of writers that publish news stories multiple times a week.
Are you keeping your head above the proverbial “water” of the web and the rising tide of data and information? Content curators are the new superheros of the web. Curating information in your area of knowledge and passion is a Herculean task. A high performance, scalable Drupal CMS can help make that task easier. Biomarker Commons aggregates the latest biomarker news and research focused on biomarker discovery, development and use.
Neuroscience Commons Aggregate content. Be a resource. Help fulfill your organization’s mission, provide a member benefit, and draw new users by offering valuable information. Here’s a great example: Neuroscience Commons. Running on the Drupal CMS, which has a robust point-and-click permissions system, the website provides the flexibility necessary to manage user submitted content together with aggregated content.