Point-and-click: May 1st, 2011

Looking forward to the ISB Systems Biology and P4 Medicine symposium in Seattle next month. Anyone else going? http://t.co/nF9G5zM

Just asked on BioStar: Using R to perform statistical tests on microarray data and cluster the results. http://bit.ly/kFljiu

More data isn’t enough. Science, culture and policy all have to change to improve healthcare. http://bit.ly/e0Texk

Reconsidering the Abstract – Are the Unintended Consequences Mounting? http://bit.ly/fyuVp6

Strategic deals to drive market share gains for big CROs; top 7 to capture half the market by 2015. http://bit.ly/f2Doe0

The future of biomedical technologies in the clinic and the challenges from a medical perspective #pdf http://bit.ly/i5Y3dw

Biomarkers in the Next Decade: 2010 Australian Biomarker Discovery Conference Summary http://bit.ly/dLnloW

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