Point-and-click: January 4th, 2011

Can you describe me in three words on threewords.me? http://t.co/kmLsHT0

Valuable information lurks in unstructured data and #text #mining tools can help companies extract it. http://bit.ly/gPt9Ix http://CFO.com

Clinical trials losing the plot in India, companies increasingly turning to Southeast Asia. http://bit.ly/dW1Ycy

‎2010: Data Mining and the End of Privacy http://bit.ly/h9FVxU #personal #brand

Highlight HEALTH is celebrating its fourth year promoting advances in biomedical research. http://bit.ly/ezPXQK

Nanopore DNA Tunneling Detector to Speed Up Genome Sequencing: http://bit.ly/fDQ0kC

23andMe scores NIH funding, wants the Internet to make personalized medicine a reality: http://bit.ly/gzaOIv

Why the chasm dividing democrats and republicans? Perhaps it’s the media’s misleading science coverage: http://bit.ly/eNkEpd

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