Point-and-click: January 15th, 2011

High court to hear case over ‘data mining’ of drug prescription data: http://bit.ly/fSQ4Hi

New Drug Approvals Slipped in 2010 – http://on.wsj.com/egWQCQ #pharma

In an era of cheap gene scans and vast DNA databases, can you keep your genetic information private? http://bit.ly/g4Rquq

The Personal Genome Machine: 8-in touchscrn, iPhone dock, reads 10M bases of DNA in 2 hrs and costs $50k. http://bit.ly/g7iRTe

Winning over the Republicans. Scientists need to become key figures in their constituency. http://bit.ly/erTg1m

US science faces big chill. Politically volatile bills on environment, stem cells, likely won’t advance. http://bit.ly/fNAr5m

Most scientists in the US are Democrats. That’s a problem. http://slate.me/eTXCHB

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