Point-and-click: December 29th, 2009

MEM – a useful tool for searching microarray data

This could be quite useful: Multi Experiment Matrix (MEM) allows researchers to search for the expression of a given gene across all microarray experiments and conditions, including in mouse as well as human.

Developing effective bioinformatics programming skills

Sweet – an overview of some core principles on programming effectively for bioinformatics (PLoS Computational Biology article).

A magazine for biocomputation = BCR

Simbios is a research project devoted to improving and disseminating the use of physics-based simulation in biology at all levels. Part of the dissemination plan is a new magazine for biocomputation called Biomedical Computation Review (BCR).

For Happiness, Spend Money On Experiences

I've heard this before: it's better to spend money on life experiences than on material objects. Recent research suggests that experiences make people happier than possessions.

10 Reasons Why You Have to Manage Your Personal Brand

Everyone has a personal brand, whether they like the concept or loathe it. It’s inescapable. The issue most people have once they discover their authentic brand is how to manage it from the “big idea” to the execution of that idea and then actually protecting and marketing that brand for the rest of their life.

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