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Walter Jessen

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Walter Jessen

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Walter Jessen

Getting Known Installed on a Shared Server #indieweb

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I heard about Known a few weeks ago via This Week in Google and immediately knew I had to try it out. I ran into a few configuration requirement issues getting Known installed on a Dreamhost shared server, specifically the php extensions fileinfo, intl and oauth. Here's what I did to fix this.

  1. SSH into your server. Create folders for a custom php settings file. I'm running PHP 5.4:
    mkdir -p ~/.php/5.4
  2. In the 5.4 folder, create a text file named phprc:
    vi phprc
  3. For the first two extensions, which are already installed but not active by default, add these two lines to the phprc file:
  4. For oauth, we need to download and build it. First, however, we need to copy the php-config file to our home directory:
    cp /usr/local/php54/bin/php-config ~/.php/5.4/php-config
  5. On a shared server, you can't install new extensions in the default extensions directory, so you have to replace the path with one you can write to. Once you've copied the php-config file, replace the "extension_dir" line with the following (where username = the name of your user directory):
  6. Now create your extensions directory:
    mkdir -p ~/.php/5.4/extensions
  7. In the extensions folder you just created, download the oauth PECL extension, decompress it and remove unnecessary files:
    tar -xvf oauth-1.2.3.tgz
    rm oauth-1.2.3.tgz package.xml
  8. Move in to the oauth folder and prepare the build environment for a php extension by running phpize:
    cd oauth-1.2.3
  9. Now configure and make the extension:
    ./configure --with-php-config=/home/username/.php/5.4/php-config
  10. When you're finished, force php to reload its configuration file for changes to take effect using the following shell code to kill all the existing php processes:
    killall -9 php54.cgi
  11. If you started installing Known and stopped at the requirements page, reload it. The page should now show that the fileinfo, intl and oauth extensions are installed.