Data Scientists: Mad Men for the 21st Century

Mad Men

I’m a big fan of the AMC show Mad Men, so the title of a recent article on Information Week really got my attention.

According to Webtrends, an almost 20-year-old Web analytics company that provides web, social, and mobile analytics and other software solutions related to marketing intelligence, the ability to consume and extract actionable information from massive data sets is key to a winning market strategy.

Webtrends works with more than 3,500 clients — including BMW, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Toyota — to help companies draw insights from huge data sets to deliver marketing messages to consumers.

According to Webtrends’ CMO Martin Doettling:

The skill set required today to succeed is so different than in the past. In the old days, marketing was driven by who had the better creative. Today, the success of marketing depends on who has the better math.

Consumer segmentation is very granular today, and organizations that focus on marketing are struggling to keep up with the consumer, said Doettling. Those companies who leverage big data to understand consumer behavior distinguish successful marketers from those who are left behind.

I couldn’t agree more. I recently started offering web and social media analytics as part of my consulting to help businesses and organizations better leverage their data — both big and small — to make data-driven decisions and take action. Indeed, the future of marketing is already here: today’s successful companies are those that leverage consumer information to better segment, target and communicate with their customers.

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